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Latest News

01 Apr

New Release

Project Schedule, Layover Upload, Work Center Diary Status and TAT Status Remark: find out which new features today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Project Schedule:

The Project Schedule gives a better overview of all layovers by displaying layovers grouped by bay and ordered on a timeline. Easily navigate through past, current and future events and spot how a delay in one layover will affect the following one at a glance. 


  • Layover Upload  Layover Info:

To keep the upcoming layovers up to date, we implemented an Upload functionality. This will allow us to update upcoming layovers with the latest arrival and departure information more frequently.


  • Work Center Diary Status

To further enhance the usability of the Work Center Diary and to point out the progress of certain tasks, we added a "Status" field to each daily highlight. Mark specific tasks as "Started", "In Progress" or "Completed" instead of typing it manually. At one glance, you can now identify the status of your work entries. 


  • TAT Status Remark

To enable user to comment on the overall TAT status of a layover, we introduced a Status Remark field in our TAT Items section. Now project leaders of both the MRO and the Customer team can provide additional information related to the overall layover status.

01 Feb

New Release

Material Approvals, Invite Team Member Function: find out which new features today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Material Approvals:

We created a new type of approval specifically tailored to material approvals. The material approval functions has some specific fields such as Part Number, Unit Price and Quantity so that it easier to read and navigate through the action. It is possible to copy and paste multiple lines and columns from an external source such as Excel file. Furthermore, after the action is created, the total cost to be approved is automatically calculated taking into account all relevant factors. ​


  • Invite Team Member Function:

In order to prevent team members from missing out on important information, it is now possible to invite users from the opposite party to join a particular project team. The invited person will be notified immediately via email and can assign himself to the team. You can find this new function on the Team Dashboard where you usually update your team information.

15 Oct

New Release

Redesign of Actions, Export Lists, Customer Survey: find out which new features today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Redesign of action functionality:

In order to better facilitate the communication between Customers and MROs, we re-designed our action function. Based on the feedback we received, we settle a transparent back-and-forth communication regarding approvals and decisions in one place directly on the platform. From now on, you can use the Action feature also for internal communication with actions which are only visible for your own team. ​


  • Material and Action list export:

From now you can export the materials and action lists from AirGlance as Excel files. Have all critical layover related materials in a form ready to be documented and evaluated.


  • Customer Survey:

MROs can now collect feedback from their customers during individual layovers. Customers can easily evaluate the MRO performance based on several factors on a scale from 1 to 7 and point out strengths and weaknesses the MRO revealed during the layover. That transparency allows MROs to analyze internal processes and creates a base for future cooperation.​

01 Jul

New Release

Filter function: find out which new feature today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Filter function:

With the new release, a filter function for all your layovers on the project dashboard will be in place! You can filter by Tail Sign, Estimated Start or End Date, Customer/MRO and Bay. Additionally, you have the option to display only the projects you are assigned by selecting the "My projects" filter. This function allows to customize the content of your project dashboard.

20 May

New Release

E-Mail notifications, layover overview, highlights and refinements in the layover report: find out what today's release brings to the AirGlance application.


  • E-Mail Notifications:

    With the new release, it will be possible to receive notifications from AirGlance via email. This will be an addition to the notifications you already receive via browser and iOS push. Furthermore, you have the freedom to decide what type of notifications to receive for every feature individually!
  • Layover Overview

    Now you will have an overview of all layovers assigned to your company on your Project Dashboard even if you are not assigned as member to the project team. If you need access to the layover details you will find an information about the project leaders by clicking on the corresponding project tile.
  • Major Highlights in the Work Center Diary:

    As a MRO user you can mark your daily highlights as Major so that all involved parties know which are the critical tasks performed on a given day. This will allow all users to quickly spot the most important highlights of the day for every work center.
11 Mar

New Release

Layover report, decision actions, backlog actions and more: find out what today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Layover Report:

    All information for a specific layover can now be extracted from AirGlance into a PDF format. To use the Print Report feature, select your project and click on the "+Create Report" button. You can either create a standardized report using the default selection or customize the content of the report according to your individual requirements.
  • Decision Actions:

    It will now be possible to create a new type of action - Decision. With the new functionality, you can offer your customer or MRO multiple decision options from which he can select his favorite alternative.

  • Backlog Actions:

    If you want to prepare an action now but send it to the responsible party at a later point in time, you can use our new "send to the backlog" option. Backlog actions cannot be seen or processed by the other party until you released them

  • Action Templates:

    To help our users save time, we implemented a template function as addition to our Actions. For standard requests that you use frequently, you can simply create a template and re-use it at any point in time.