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Your layover appgrade.


The appgrade for your base maintenance layovers

Base maintenance layovers come with loads of information exchanged between the MRO and the operator – posing a challenge for both sides. AirGlance is bound to revolutionize the way this communication takes place. As state-of-the-art application it digitalizes and streamlines information processes along your base maintenance layover. With a broad variety of features AirGlance supports your work in the best possible way – so that you never miss crucial information, can prioritize correctly and take important decisions on time. AirGlance comes as a web application that is easily accessible from your back offices as well as a native app that exploits your mobile device's capabilities. No matter where and when, have all your base maintenance layovers at a glance with AirGlance!

Integrated Overview

Find all relevant information about your layover

AirGlance offers a consolidated and transparent overview of all relevant layover data. You will find all layover related data in one place and never loose important information hidden in between thousands of emails again. AirGlance provides insights in all ongoing layovers on different flight levels so you can choose the portions of information that you are interested in most. And you can easily share your knowledge with different groups of recipients.

Living Report

Be ahead with your planning efforts

Be ahead with your planning efforts with dynamic information about your layovers. You will receive updates on the layover progress and important events as soon as they are available – no matter where you are. Real time data and utmost transparency offer the best conditions for a successful planning. You will be informed earlier so that you can react in time.

Effective Control

Keep a clear picture about priorities and actions

With AirGlance you get a clear picture about priorities – even during bustling project phases. Direct approvals and an effiecient exchange of information and documents facilitate the whole work process for the operator and the MRO. AirGlance helps you manage your counterpart and it ensures that the most important issues are clarified first.

Precise Communication

Never miss any important information

Gain time for your most important tasks through efficient and transparent exchange of information. You receive all relevant information based on topics so that you can easily focus. Forget about the times of endless distibution lists in emails – AirGlance facilitates clear responsibilities and tracking of updates. With push notifications and comments the application shortens your response time and helps you never miss crucial information.

AirGlance in AVIATAR

Join the future of aviation

AirGlance is a dedicated app on AVIATAR, a holistic software platform offering a wide array of digital services for the aviation industry. Together with its customers and partners AVIATAR leads the aviation industry into the digital age. Build your own applications on AVIATAR and transform a whole industry.

Integrated Overview
For the big picture: Fleet Dashboard
For the highlights: Layover Dashboard
For the details: Layover Information
For the communication: Contacts
And many more features yet to come!
Living Report
For the big picture: Layover Progress
For the highlights: Milestone Completion
For the details: Material Tracing
For the communication: Push Notifications
And many more features yet to come!
Effective Control
For the big picture: Actions & Approvals
For the highlights: TAT Items
For the details: Commercials
For the communication: Comments
And many more features yet to come!