New Release

Layover report, decision actions, backlog actions and more: find out what today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Layover Report:

    All information for a specific layover can now be extracted from AirGlance into a PDF format. To use the Print Report feature, select your project and click on the "+Create Report" button. You can either create a standardized report using the default selection or customize the content of the report according to your individual requirements.
  • Decision Actions:

    It will now be possible to create a new type of action - Decision. With the new functionality, you can offer your customer or MRO multiple decision options from which he can select his favorite alternative.

  • Backlog Actions:

    If you want to prepare an action now but send it to the responsible party at a later point in time, you can use our new "send to the backlog" option. Backlog actions cannot be seen or processed by the other party until you released them

  • Action Templates:

    To help our users save time, we implemented a template function as addition to our Actions. For standard requests that you use frequently, you can simply create a template and re-use it at any point in time.