New Release

E-Mail notifications, layover overview, highlights and refinements in the layover report: find out what today's release brings to the AirGlance application.


  • E-Mail Notifications:

    With the new release, it will be possible to receive notifications from AirGlance via email. This will be an addition to the notifications you already receive via browser and iOS push. Furthermore, you have the freedom to decide what type of notifications to receive for every feature individually!
  • Layover Overview

    Now you will have an overview of all layovers assigned to your company on your Project Dashboard even if you are not assigned as member to the project team. If you need access to the layover details you will find an information about the project leaders by clicking on the corresponding project tile.
  • Major Highlights in the Work Center Diary:

    As a MRO user you can mark your daily highlights as Major so that all involved parties know which are the critical tasks performed on a given day. This will allow all users to quickly spot the most important highlights of the day for every work center.