New Release

Redesign of Actions, Export Lists, Customer Survey: find out which new features today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Redesign of action functionality:

In order to better facilitate the communication between Customers and MROs, we re-designed our action function. Based on the feedback we received, we settle a transparent back-and-forth communication regarding approvals and decisions in one place directly on the platform. From now on, you can use the Action feature also for internal communication with actions which are only visible for your own team. ​


  • Material and Action list export:

From now you can export the materials and action lists from AirGlance as Excel files. Have all critical layover related materials in a form ready to be documented and evaluated.


  • Customer Survey:

MROs can now collect feedback from their customers during individual layovers. Customers can easily evaluate the MRO performance based on several factors on a scale from 1 to 7 and point out strengths and weaknesses the MRO revealed during the layover. That transparency allows MROs to analyze internal processes and creates a base for future cooperation.​