New Release

Material Approvals, Invite Team Member Function: find out which new features today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Material Approvals:

We created a new type of approval specifically tailored to material approvals. The material approval functions has some specific fields such as Part Number, Unit Price and Quantity so that it easier to read and navigate through the action. It is possible to copy and paste multiple lines and columns from an external source such as Excel file. Furthermore, after the action is created, the total cost to be approved is automatically calculated taking into account all relevant factors. ​


  • Invite Team Member Function:

In order to prevent team members from missing out on important information, it is now possible to invite users from the opposite party to join a particular project team. The invited person will be notified immediately via email and can assign himself to the team. You can find this new function on the Team Dashboard where you usually update your team information.