New Release

Project Schedule, Layover Upload, Work Center Diary Status and TAT Status Remark: find out which new features today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Project Schedule:

The Project Schedule gives a better overview of all layovers by displaying layovers grouped by bay and ordered on a timeline. Easily navigate through past, current and future events and spot how a delay in one layover will affect the following one at a glance. 


  • Layover Upload  Layover Info:

To keep the upcoming layovers up to date, we implemented an Upload functionality. This will allow us to update upcoming layovers with the latest arrival and departure information more frequently.


  • Work Center Diary Status

To further enhance the usability of the Work Center Diary and to point out the progress of certain tasks, we added a "Status" field to each daily highlight. Mark specific tasks as "Started", "In Progress" or "Completed" instead of typing it manually. At one glance, you can now identify the status of your work entries. 


  • TAT Status Remark

To enable user to comment on the overall TAT status of a layover, we introduced a Status Remark field in our TAT Items section. Now project leaders of both the MRO and the Customer team can provide additional information related to the overall layover status.