New Release

Filter function, delete function for comments and search function in team info: find out which new features today's release brings to the AirGlance application.

  • Filter function:

With the new release, a filter function for all your layovers on the project dashboard will be in place! You can filter by Tail Sign, Estimated Start or End Date, Customer/MRO and Bay. Additionally, you have the option to display only the projects you are assigned by selecting the "My projects" filter. This function allows to customize the content of your project dashboard.


  • Delete function for comments:

To facilitate the communication during the layover we added a delete function for your comments. In case you made a mistake or put the comment in the wrong section, from now on you will be able to delete for a short period of time.


  • Search function in team info:

With the update you will be able to quickly search for specific team members when creating your project team. In this way, we are reacting to the rising amount of accounts and guarantee an easy handling of the project team for each layover. No more scrolling down though the users list. Just type the name of your colleague and add him/her immediately to your team!