Our answers to your questions

  • What is AirGlance?

  • AirGlance is a reporting and communication platform where MRO service providers and airline operators exchange information on individual level. The tool allows its users to closely monitor the status and track the progress of their layovers as well as to be up to date with any development concerning the maintenance event.

  • What is unique about AirGlance?

  • The uniqueness of AirGlance comes from the fact that all information concerning a layover can be found in one place and all involved parties can have access to it.

  • How easy is it to implement AirGlance?

  • AirGlance is very easy to implement. You simply need to register on http://app.airglance.com or to request your login credentials via email at info@airglance.com.

  • Can I use AirGlance with any MRO service provider?

  • AirGlance is an MRO independent platform and thus, can be used by any MRO service provider. No matter where your aircraft is being maintained, you can use AirGlance as a reporting and communication tool, which allows you to monitor all your layovers in a well-structured and comparable way.

  • Can I participate in the development process?

  • Our target is to continiously update and improve our platform. We always listen to our users and we are always curious to hear their ideas. Whenever you would like to share your suggestions with us, do not hesitate to contact us via info@airglance.com.

  • Can I use AirGlance on my mobile device?

  • AirGlance is a multi-device platform and can be used on any browser - regardless of whether you are logged in on your computer or your mobile device. For Apple devices, we also offer an iOS application, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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