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How does AirGlance support you in your daily work?

  • Reporting 
  • Communication
  • Layover Information


AirGlance reporting features give you an overview of all important KPIs that determine the overall status of your layover. With AirGlance, you will be always informed about latest critical findings and daily highlights, job cards progress and milestones, as well as critical materials. Every time there is a new update, you will be notified immediately so that you do not miss anything. Furthermore, you will be able to configure your own reports with customizable content whenever needed.


AirGlance is more than a reporting tool. With the platform, you can have the entire layover-related communication in one single place. Forget about the numerous emails and calls. With AirGlance, you can have a transparent and efficient communication via our Action feature. Approval requests, information inquiries and decisions can all happen via AirGlance within a couple of clicks. Additionally, you can ask questions and make remarks related to specific items in our Comments section. This allows you to track easily the ongoing communication flow and to know exactly where to find the answer you need.


AirGlance gives you a brief overview of the most relevant information about your layover, such as estimated, planned and actual arrival and departure, as well as general information about the check. In addition, you can also find information about the aircraft and highlights from the contract. Last but not least, AirGlance provides you with the contact details of all involved parties so that you can contact them at any time.

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